With its clear metaphor for a cover – the cloth laid on the chair to protect it – NOBODY refers to the “shadow” side of the life of a chair – while not being used. The cover blurs the shape of the chair and at the same time makes an allusion to it…

But on our “cover” one can sit without the “chair” underneath. The cover is empty – the chair is taken away, but cloth still remembers the chair and keeps the shape of it.

NOBODY is produced in one single process by thermo pressing the polymer fibre – PET felt mat (without any kind of the frame). The production process neither demands any additives like glues or resins, nor any additional materials like screws or reinforcements. PET felt is 100% recyclable material produced mainly of used soda/water bottles.

Light and stackable, NOBODY can be used in both public and residential interiors. Good air circulation, perfect acoustic properties of the PET felt and easiness of cleaning give additional qualities to the chair.

Client: Hay, Denmark
Material: thermo pressed PET felt
2011 Design Award of the Federal Republic of Germany, DE
2009 Winner of the 1st place in category “Home Interior Furniture” IDA08, USA DESIGN PLUS 2009 Award / Material Vision by German Design Council, DE MACHINA DESIGN AWARD in category “making the world better” – for eco-values, PL
2008 The Forum AID Award: Best Nordic product design 2008, SE Nominated to: Best in International Design Over Last 12 Months.
London Design Museum: “DESIGNS OF THE YEAR” 2008, GB
2007 Crafts and Design Biennial Prize 2007, DK

Vitra Design Museum, 2014

Design:  Boris Berlin & Poul Christiansen, Komplot Design

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