GUBI Chair

The GUBI chair is the very first industrial product based on an innovative technique of moulding 3-D veneer – a process invented in Germany by Dr. Achim Müller and developed by the Reholz GmbH company.

The 3-dimensionality of the shell provides a friendly and comfortable shape, while offering the unique possibility of reducing its thickness to a mere 5 mm (normally 9-10 mm). In other words – a reduction of consumption of natural resources (wood) in half, thanks to human ingenuity and inventiveness.

With all edges turned away from the human body, a soft, organically shaped shell is formed, creating the characteristic “body” of the chair that in its friendliness – like a beloved pet – comforts you, invites you to touch, to caress it…

The GUBI chair range is designed to be used in a variety of situations – from meeting rooms to conference rooms, from canteens and caffes to restaurants – and includes chairs, bar chairs and armchairs with tubular frames, solid rod frames and of molded plywood. A stackable version is also available


Client: Gubi Denmark

Material: molded 3-D veneer shell, frames in steel rod or steel tubing, or molded plywood
2003 Innovation Award, Best of NeoCon
2003 Bo Bedre, Årets Møbelpris
2003 100% Design / Blueprint Award 2003 for the Best Product
2004 RED DOT Design Award
2004 Forsnäs Priset


Design:  Boris Berlin & Poul Christiansen, Komplot Design

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