NON is a monoblock chair moulded in PUR-rubber in one shot.
Geometrically straight yet comfortable,thanks to the softness of rubber and built-in spring bands.
The chair can be used both indoors and outdoors due to the properties of rubber.
The rubber chair is an archetype for a chair, not a designed chair, just a chair.
NON is to be used anywhere you choose
to use it.

NON chair
Client: Källemo AB, Sweden

Material: PUR molded on tubular steel frame
2001 Bo Bedre, Årets Designpris
2001 Utmärkt Svensk Form, honorable mention
2001 Nomination to Den Danske Designpris
2001 First prize in 100% RUBBER competition
2002 Sköna Hem, Årets Möbel
2003 Design 100, Metropolitan Home: Non Chair “Cleverest use of rubber since the eraser”


Design:  Boris Berlin & Poul Christiansen, Komplot Design

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